Why am I having different things going on with me?Discharge and pain?

On Jan 10,2013 I had spotted just a little bit of blood,not alot just a little...
On Jan 11,2013 I had yellowish.brownish discharge coming out of my vaginal...
Also when me and my boyfriend where having sex,my lower stomach would have pain..

If anyone knows my answer to this,please help.
Thank you
Asked Jan 13, 2013
This sounds like an infection,you will want to see a doctor to determine exactly which one it is.
Answered Feb 28, 2013
sounds like urinary track infection. There is a product over the counter you can get called AZO, but you really need to see a doctor because you will also need antibiotics. This goes for Males as well as Females.
Answered Jan 14, 2013
and as with any infection it goes from one host to another. I suggest that you always use condoms when having intercourse. It stops a lot of spreading of infections and disiese. Also if you use condoms with special lubercation like warming gel or flavors that can cause a UTI or even a yeast infection.

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