When is my first period coming?

i hadn't have my first period yet and I am already 13... I already have boobs but I have the issue that I have one bigger than the other... I also have pubic hair and hair in my armpits. I have masturbated a couple times and I dont know if that affected my process of getting my period? I would like to ask my mom when she got hers but we dont have the enough close relationship for me to ask that type of question...i think I am really getting into puberty but my period just wont come! its really freaking me out! someone please help me
Asked Jan 12, 2013
There is no way to tell just because everything is developing . Sometimes it just takes a little longer than everything else. Just be patient and trust me when you get it isn't all that great
Answered Jan 13, 2013
Edited Jan 13, 2013
I had horrible stomach pains for 3-5 months and I realized that this Monday I had my period. Maybe u mom got it later. And it's ok to ask your mom.

Plus I'm 11 and that's kinda early for me!
Answered Aug 31, 2014
Oh, honey. You don't want your period, first of all. But it's fun to brag to all your friends!!! :D Anyways, I was 11 when I got mine. I had boobs and hair down there quite a while before Aunty Flo introduced herself to me. And it's normal for your boobs to be different sizes, so don't worry about that!!! Also, if you have an aunt or older cousin, you could ask them. It's really nice to have someone to talk to you about it or vice versa. My friend's mum didn't get hers until she was 14, and if you don't get it by the time you're 14 you should probably go see a doctor.

Anyways, may Mother Nature bring you a "bloody" great gift soon!!! :D lol get it?
Answered Apr 02, 2015

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