Is south korea below or above north korea?

i just wasnt sure if south korea was under north korea.
Asked Jan 11, 2013
Edited Jan 12, 2013
South Korea is on the south side of the 38th parallel and North Korea is on the north side. The 38th Parallel is about the same north latitude as Washington DC or Sacramento Calif.
Answered Jan 11, 2013
so south is above north, right? cheers!

To me 'above' would mean it's hovering in the air above it. South Korea is on the same side of the border between them as the equator and North is on the same side of the border as the North Pole.
Rob Jan 11, 2013
oh, but it is hovering
It's impossible for a place to be hovering!
Lana312 Feb 05, 2013
Not to be rude,,, but North is always above South. Think about North America and South America. Is the south above the north? Or think about Minnesota and Florida even, is Minnesota filled with palm trees, and does Florida get snow in May?

Also, people from Korea or Korean decent live all over the world. Mainly South Koreans, as it is nearly impossible to escape North Korea at this time.
Answered Jun 20, 2013
It's not about being rude, it's about understanding the meaning of the word. "Above" is about altitude, not latitude. An aircraft at 10,000 feet is ABOVE one at 5,000 feet. A city at 40 degrees north is NORTH of a city at 20 degrees, not above it.
Rob Jun 20, 2013
I don't mean it in the way of 'hovering' above one another. Simply put, people in every day interactions use adjectives above and below to describe the latitude of a location. Is it accurate ? No. Is it what the common average person uses to describe? Yes.
Jia Jun 20, 2013
I think the clue is in the name 'South'.... :/
Answered Jun 20, 2013
Lol, Common sense! :)

Well, just plan your trip to those places/other places using
Answered Nov 02, 2013
no I think its below england cause I live on the border of england and sometimes through my kitchen window I can see a short korean man in a hat
Answered Jan 11, 2013
South Korea is not below England. Just because u saw a Korean man doesn't mean Korea is nearby.... Look at a globe.
Lana312 Feb 05, 2013
Btw, that wasn't supposed to be mean.
Lana312 Feb 05, 2013
Lol. I think they were being sarcastic..
Kad16 May 05, 2013

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