Design an network diagram for hosting 2 mission critical redundant servers on the internet . this se

Design an Network Diagram for Hosting 2 Mission Critical Redundant Servers on the internet . This Servers are redundant that means one server is designed to take over only when the another fails .The servers have Gigabit Ethernet Cards . You have 2 Internet Providers over fibre ... Both have assigned you a different IP subnet to be assigned to the servers . we have 2 IP providers so that if one fails another is up . . . You have Layer 2 /3 Switches .. You do not have any Routers . Draw the Network Diagram Showing Cable Connections. The Network has to be truly redundant such that if one switch hardware fails still the network is up .
Also explain in Detail how will you configure the Switches .
Asked Jan 10, 2013
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Answered Jan 11, 2013

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