Can parent sue the school union for illegal strike?

The Ontario school union has decared a "walkout" for all schools in Ontario. Can the parents take legal action against the school union for an illegal strike or walkout after the gonvernment has declared this as a illegal action?
Asked Jan 10, 2013
In 1996, a court in Quebec awarded $1,750 each, as compensatory damages to mental patients at St Ferdinand hospital where the issue was an illegal walkout. The Court of Appeal affirmed the trial judge's decision with respect to compensatory damages and ordered the appellants to pay $200,000 to the patients as exemplary damage.

The patient's "dignity" was an issue in the above case. The question here is to what degree are mental patients, many of whom were unable to care for themselves comparable to school children who have parents who can step in and look after their kids.

It appears to me that you clearly have the right to sue, whether you would win would depend on a lot of abstract law that would make it almost a flip of a coin.
Answered Jan 10, 2013

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