How to get rid of dark circles?

I'm 14 years old and lately I've realized I have dark circles under my eyes. I think it might have to do with sleeping but considering I have to wake up at 4 for school and I sleep at 8, I don't know what else I could do. Is there anything to make these fade or go away completely? I'm not going to use make up and remember I'm only 14
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Asked Jan 02, 2013
The Mayo Clinic web site offers a list of things that can cause them. Look at the list and see what might apply to you.
Answered Jan 02, 2013
Hello! I've been having the same problem for the past while, too. A few of the tricks I like to do are:

-Put cool tea bags on your eyes for about 10-15 mins per day.
-Put a spoon in the freezer for 10 minutes. Take it out and cover the circles with it and hold it there until it gets warm.

Those are just ones that I've used in the past, I'm sending a list of a few more:
Answered Feb 23, 2013
For the tea bag solution, make sure it's a really cheap tea bag. The cheaper the tea, the more tanic acid in the soaked tea bag. It's the tannic acid that reduces the appearance of bags and dark circles. (Don't worry... it's not an acid that will hurt your eyes.)

The "discoloration" is actually pretty normal. It's broken capillaries under the skin. You can try reducing your sodium intake and sleeping with your head elevated (make sure your neck is comfy, though) to help make sure that blood doesn't pool in the area while you sleep. Sounds gross and scary, but it's really normal and nothing to freak out about.
Answered Feb 23, 2013
Ger try some easy and effective methods to remove dark circles easily.

• Crush a few mint leaves and place them under the eyes for about 20 minutes to cure under eye circles naturally at home.
• Placing herbal tea bags under eyes for about 15 minutes.
• Massage with some eye cream which contain natural ingredients.
• Regularly massaging the area under eyes with almond oil or peanut oil. Leave the nourishing oil on your skin overnight.
• Applying tomato juice mixed with an equal amount of cucumber juice helps reduce under eye circles considerably.
• You can also try alternative therapies like acupressure or acupuncture to cure under eye circles.
• Diet plays an important role in eliminating under eye circles over a period of time. Thus, include more vitamin C (strengthens blood vessel walls), E, K, folic acid and iron in your diet.
Answered Apr 17, 2013
Simply include diet that is rich in vitamins and proteins. Increase intake of oranges, lemons and fish.
This will increase the blood flow of skin under eyes.

Drink lots of water; this will moisturize your skin and make it less translucent.

Go for natural home remedies like placing clothed soaked which is dipped in cold water for nearly 10 minutes. this cools your eyes and dissolves the blood accumulation that contributes to appearance of dark circles.

Or place freshly cut cucumber slices on your eyes. this acts as a coolant and relaxes the muscles of eyes.

Take care of your eyes and avoid sleeping without removing makeup as this hinders the skin to breathe.

Hope it helps!
Answered May 06, 2013
Hi the best under eye cream for dark circles in my personal experience is a cream called Hydrolyze Hydrolyze. It has ingredients in it that help hydrate your skin and diminish dark circles under your eyes.

It is definitely the best under eye cream for dark circles I have personally used and I have tried a lot of them being an aging woman myself. Read reviews here:
Answered Oct 14, 2014
Edited Oct 14, 2014

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