Do people that use grammatically incorrect speech annoy you?

I'm asking this because for some reason (Maybe it's my alter ego, the nerd.) I get super annoyed when A) someone uses the wrong "there/their/they're", B) someone uses "good" instead of "well".
I'm sure it's incredibly analytical of me, but it's little things like that that can throw me off in a conversation.
So, this is more of an opinion question, but please do answer!
Asked Jan 01, 2013
On this web site at least, it is important to understand that many of the people who post here are writing English as a second language. Imagine if you and I were logging onto a site written in Arabic or Mandarin Chinese for example. I suspect we would want other users to give us some slack on the grammar. :-)

The same applies to spoken grammar. Unless you know the background, there are sometimes real reasons for bad grammar.
Answered Jan 01, 2013
Edited Jan 01, 2013
Thank God! I never thought of it that way. I really hope that's what it is!
loveya Jan 01, 2013
It depend on how I feel because in one helf of the week I am a video gamer and on the other half I am a writer/grammer nazi/total nerd. But like right now not really but if some does it alot then HECK YEAH!
Answered Feb 25, 2013

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