How to block outgoing calls to a certain phone number (Home Phone)

Hello, I have recently discovered that my daughter has been, and still does make phone calls to somebody she shouldnt be, and even though we have asked her to stop multiple times, she still does it sneakily, and I know this because I check through the phone company's website. I have my home phone connection through Vonage Canada, and as far as I know, there is no way to do this from their website. Thanks
Asked Dec 30, 2012
Remove the phone from her room so she can't use it when you're there and take the Vonage power chord with you when you're not home.
Answered Dec 31, 2012

Thank you for your help, but we have a Panasonic cordless phone system, and there are 3 wireless handsets, so it is difficult to keep track of all the handsets, and there is no phone explicitly in her bedroom, she just takes a handset without us knowing for a few minutes, and also, if we removed the power cord when we left, nobody would be able to contact us in case of an emergency as we do not have cell phones. However, Thank You for your time and answer!
chopra Dec 31, 2012
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Answered Mar 20, 2018


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Answered Sep 24, 2018

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