Do you think I did well during this interview?

I just had a job interview for the local Ironworks. The interview went for a good 15-20 minutes, and then I got a 45 minute tour of the factory. However, I believe it's standard protocol for them to give all candidates a tour. Stuff they said during the interview include that they were impressed that I had researched the company beforehand, wrote down my boot size, telling me who I'd be training with if hired, told me what the pay is, and the fact that it's an employee-owned company and about how, after a year, I'd be part owner or something like that. They also told me I'll hear back within a week.

The problems I worry about, however... I was number five of six potential employees and I don't exactly have any official shop experience. They're looking to fill about four; maybe even five positions. And when they gave me the tour, I was VERY confused. There was nobody in the shop, as it was after hours, and I would have an easier time understanding how everything works if I saw it running and in action. While the interviewers agreed that they were confused as well until seeing how it all runs, I still worry. How do you think it went???
Asked Dec 27, 2012

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