I am rushing into things with this woman?

I have known this girl since high school she is older than me so she graduated and we lost track of each other. About a month ago we saw each other after a couple of years and we talked all night and I got her number we started to text. Now when we text it's the usual What's up? How is your day going? type stuff she will reply and ask me about my day and we will have a conversation and small talk. It started as me texting her every other day then she text me first once or twice then we went on another date and the texting became a everyday thing but back to me texting her first. One day I told her I would cook her dinner and she said Aww I would like that. I hope that doesnt mean I am bing friend zoned! Which leads me to the main question. I want to tell her I like her but I have never kissed her or held her hand on any of the dates we have been on I wanted to try and hold her hand on the next date we went on to let her know I want to be more than friends. Does anything need to happen before I tell herI like her? I think about her, I think she is beautiful, smart, and I want to make her mine. I am rushing into things or should I hang back and wait to get to know her better?
Asked Dec 27, 2012
Hey bud... I think you should may be go on a couple of dates more before you tell her you like her. I can understand how you feel,...all that excitment and all that mistery that comes from getting to know someone you like. You said you knew her from high school, and that two years went by. I really think you should get to know her better, to realise if you truly like her though,...just make sure she likes you back in the same way... You don't want to be in the "friend zone" with someone you like so much, or with someone you are falling for. Also,...if you are having trouble trying to get her into you, reply to this post and I will guide you to get the best possible results for what you need,...remember I'm a Wizzard,...let me work my Magic...!
Good Luck
Answered Dec 31, 2012

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