Do you think it's fair to dismiss a teacher this way?

School year is over...
Plans for next year are all done and hours approved by the principal...
Stationary and supplies are ordered...

And today I receive a letter from the principal that 'my services will not be needed in 2013'. That's all! No further explanation at all!

Do you think it was appropriate for the principal to do such thing? A week before Christmas! She has never given any indication of a problem! This came as a complete surprise and a kick in a gut really.
Do you find it rude?
What would you do on my place?

By the way, I am a teacher with Masters Degree and over 25 years of experience...
Asked Dec 17, 2012
Not only does it put you in a bad position now, it could affect your future employment depending on what reason she would give for your termination when other schools inquire. You deserve an explanation. If the principal will not provide one, take it to the school board. Keep a written copy of their response in case you need it for a rebuttal in the future.
Answered Dec 17, 2012
Edited Dec 17, 2012

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