Do you check out other women/men while you are in a relationship?

Please don't give me a stupid, ignorant answer like ''All people do, its just genetics,'' frankly that is the stupidest thing I've ever heard.

Me? I've never been one to check guys out, single or in a relationship. I have never felt attracted to somebody purely from their appearance, without a connection, for me, there is no attraction. So when I am in a relationship, its the same. If someone was to say, ''That guy is so hot, right?'' I would be able to say whether they are generally attractive or not, but I never feel attracted to them physically or sexually, I just know that others would feel like that towards them,

My boyfriend tells me he is the same, and always has been like this.

So, my question is, are there any people on here who are similar to this? This is the honest truth, I just want to clarify that as I have read other forums where people say, ''Anyone who says they don't is lying,'' which is so unfair.
Anonymous User
Anonymous User
Asked Dec 17, 2012
There is nothing in human behavior that is the same for everybody. We are all unique and behave in different ways. Anyone who says, ''Anyone who says they don't is lying,'' is lying. :-)
Answered Dec 17, 2012
Thank you, it's good to hear someone else thinks that too. But how do you feel on this matter? I would like people's honest, personal opinions, because to be honest, I am fed up of feeling like I am odd because I don't do what supposedly everybody does.
I don't see anything wrong with appreciating the beauty in people any more than enjoying the many other beautiful things nature has provided. In my mind, it's like looking at the flowers in your neighbors yard, you cross the boundary when you try to pick the flowers.
Rob Dec 17, 2012
Most and I mean most people tend to find physical appearance to be attractive cause tats the first thing on which you can judge a person about his taste, personality and style. So its not wrong if people check out other guys and girls in relationship, but check out has no motive attached to it. Its a simple body language of appreciating the other person's physical appearance regardless of what it may be perceived as.
Answered Dec 18, 2012
I think most people notice other people--men and women alike--because we are animals and animals are wired to check out others: the good looking, the scary, the potentially dangerous, etc. However, I think most people also handle quite differently the common courtesy of not making the noticing so noticeable. I think it is rude and insensitive when you are with a date or mate to make your noticing obvious. It seems as if that is either incredibly insensitive or actually intended to cause insecurity and insult. I think those who are discreet and simply make a mental note "Oh, that person looks nice," or "Oh, that poor person is really quite bizarre" are well within their rights of being observant human beings without being boorish.
Answered Feb 03, 2013

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