Penis Size?

Ok... This Is Sooooo Embarrassing... Im Scared Im Deformed.. My Penis Is This Long:

[--------] Thats It..

Its Not Even 1'in...
But It Gets Longer, 3'in At The Most. Im Only 13 But Other Teens Talk About Their 5'in Penis... Is It Normal Or Not? Help?
Anonymous User
Anonymous User
Asked Dec 13, 2012
mate look I wouldnt let it get to you yes it is small but it should grow :3 boys say this and that bout there penis but its not big trust me your only 13 your havnt finshed puperty yet hang in there give it time it should grow but so what if it dont :3
Answered Dec 14, 2012
It doesnt matter how big it is, its how you use it that counts.
Answered Dec 10, 2013
some people have smaller ones than others its in their genes also it evolves around puberty im turning 14 next march and I messure my penis every second to third month and at the moment its 6.3 inches (just cheked then) its a little small but thats ok your only young youve still got years for it time grow also some grown men only have a penis 3 inches long and there not growing enymore where yous still is also the average size is 4-5 1/2 inches long so only if you grow abit more your still in average dont worry about it
Answered Dec 17, 2013
Your penis will continue to grow until you are around 18 years old.. so don't worry. But if you have the means, use one of those penis health cremes they have on the market nowadays. These are basically multi-vitamin cremes made just for guys and will keep your penis extra healthy. It is more likely to reach its full potential if it is getting the nutrients it needs. You can get these cremes online. Good luck!
Answered Nov 02, 2016
Consult your doctor first. Here are some of the pills to consider
Answered Oct 15, 2018
Girls that say you have a small penis aren't worth your time. Don't worry about your size! Make sure you are clean, you have a great technique and make certain you use protection. I take care of my penis by using a penis health creme.... I found it online. We use lotion on the rest of our bodies, why not our penises?
Answered Apr 24, 2020

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