Love problem. Give me the correct solution.

I'm submerged in love with a girl for more than 7years. We are loving each others. But 2years back I had a chance of txtng with my old friend. She was my first crush. She knows very well about my love. But unfortunately she too started to love me. After 2mnths she didn't speak with me.. She hate me now.. But now i'm in confusion.. I wanna marry my 7yrs lover.. Also I need the love with my first crush.. My mind is totally collapsed.. Pls give me the proper solution.. Crush disturb me alot..
Asked Dec 12, 2012
okay, first of all.. you can't have two people in your life that you want to love. if you're planning on marrying the seven year crush, drop the first love.. cause if you have that in your life when you get married, trust me your marriage is going to fail.. don't keep baggage.. and an ex is baggage.. if you both have exes that are still in your life.. I suggest your remove them.. cause that's going to strain your relationship and will cause you deep issues.. there is no easy solution for this type of issue.. either get rid of one or suffer with the fact that you want two people and can only have one.. and since she fell for you.. it's her fault.. she knew the situation from the start.. so.. have a small talk with her.. let her know that you are planning on marrying your seven year lover.. and let all your feelings out then drop it and go back to your love and have a wonderful life..
Answered Dec 12, 2012
Thank you tashytishy.. But it sumwt difficult to 4get my first crush.. Just I need an affection from her in the name of friendship.. But now a days when i'm trying to txt r cal she insults me alot.. Hw can I explain to her??
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Answered Dec 09, 2015
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Answered Sep 14, 2016
What you need to do, is step away from the situation entirely. If you have hobbies, get back to them. If you don’t, find some. I got over my crush by chatting on, meeting other people and having fun. But in your case you should just start to develop a high quality life and just spend more time with your 7yrs lover. That relationship with your crush does't sound like it will have any future.
Answered Sep 14, 2016

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