Theres this boy that I really like and I dont know if he likes me

theres this boy that I really like I like hom so much we hardly ever talk unless he ask me for a pencil are I ask him for one he knows who I am and all and like if I strted tlking to him he would probably talk back and all but still im really scared to talk to him and I want to tell him I like him but im scared to I want to get one of my friends to but I dnt want to embarrase myself if he doesnt like me back I dnt know what to do I really want to know if he likes me how can I give him little signs im interested in him more than a frien.
Asked Dec 11, 2012
well if you like him you should be the one to tell him, just hang out with him for a while and i'm sure if he likes you his feelings will show.. but be smart about it.. don't let yourself fall so far for him that if he doesn't like you that it will screw you up.. just like him and hang out with him and let it work it's self out on its own.. cause if you push it or rush it .. it won't go anywhere.. have patients.
Answered Dec 12, 2012
you should try to be brave enough to talk to him more and flirt alot more and mess with your hair around him but it maybe to early to tell if he likes you
Answered Dec 12, 2012
Well, if you want to know if he likes you then ask his friends. They will probably tell you to embarrass him.;) If you want him to know you like him, then get into some conversations with him, and when you are doing this, pop up the question when he is in a good mood:) Hope this helps!!
Answered Oct 12, 2013

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