What are the differences of gametophyte of marchantia sp. and polytrichum sp.?

Asked Dec 09, 2012
-dominant generation of polytrichum is sporophyte while marchantia is gametophyte.
-in polytrichum,the sporophyte produces sporangium.in each sporangium,spores are form.the spores germinate and develop into haploid gametophyte.in marchantia,this occurs with the production of antheridium and archegonium.the antheridium produces antherozoids that can swim into the archegonium,fuse with the oosphere and form a zygote.
- in polytrichum,both sporophyte ang gametophyte are autotrophs and independent of each other.in marchantia,the sporophyte is attached to gametophyte and depends on it for food.
Answered Dec 04, 2013

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