I want my old job back as everyone I am currently working with are on drugs.

i accepted a job as I thought it would be a great idea, turns out it wasnt. everyone is on drugs, consuming and selling. I emotionally cant go back to work for them as I am scared for the safety of myself and others, and its making me feel extremellly depressed. I want to go back to my old job more then anything but cant at this very moment in time as they are claiming there not very busy when I know for a fact they are, all the guys there want me to come back to but I am running out of ideas. please help!!!
Asked Dec 08, 2012
Get ur old job!!! Beg!!
Answered Dec 08, 2012
but how? I dont know what to say? they have plenty of work I think there just worried about after new year, work dieing down etc. all my ex colleuges want me back to. I do need it desperatly.
Go back to your old boss, admit that you made a bad choice and ask that they consider rehiring you. If they say they have no work, give them your telephone number to call you when they do. Other than that, there's nothing else you can do.
Answered Dec 08, 2012
but I am so scared about continuing working for the current company as I have a small family and could end up banged up or worse killed because they get high and drive, I do not know what to do as I can not emotionally retern on monday. I am so depressed about the situation.

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