What do people see about fashion?

What do people usually see about fashion?
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Asked Dec 05, 2012
Edited Dec 06, 2012
Do you mean, what do people usually see in fashion? Native speakers don't say "see about" for this case, we say, "what do you see in this" or "what do you see in him/her". To "see about" something is to find out about, as in, "I am going to go see about a plane ticket."

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When I look at fashion, I like the beauty of color, shape, textures and lines. Some fashion is bold and exotic, some is subdued, some is fluid and some is playful. Fashion can change your mood. Looking at a garment or wearing the right garment can lift your spirits and perk up your day.
Answered Dec 07, 2012
I see stylish clothes. Fashion is all about wearing good looking clothes. I like to wear t shirts and stylish jackets. Causal t shirts look very cool.
Answered May 07, 2013
Clothes is way for people to express themselves and be unique or start a new trend. Some might like attention or do it because they love clothes or fashion. People might use colors on a shirt or jewelry to tell how their feeling or send a message. You might want to look good for a date or special meeting etc or anytime. People do it to define themselves like, "I'm unique or tomboy" (no offense to anyone) clothes lets you show off your inner self and maybe outer beauty. And clothes are good for wearing and staying warm! (LOL!) -shrimp
Answered Feb 11, 2014
Simple and comfortable is what I think what fashion is,of course it should helps us in confidence.

Answered Jan 15, 2015
Fashion is a unique and often customary trend in the fashion week in which a person dresses. A lot of fashion has gone in a moderately short phase of time. We own especially more clothes now than we did a century before and until now we fritter considerably less of our income on our clothing needs.

As I have been in adequate closets to identify that it is simple to end up with style more clothing than you possibly will ever wear. As the time goes on, and the demand of vegan clothing is increasing as I have seen on addresschic, it may gaining popularity because of cruelty free products and also due to the recyclable substances.
Answered Nov 17, 2015
I always go with the quality and latest style, trends.
Answered Feb 01, 2016
When I look at fashion I see stylish clothes, Simple and comfortable, I like all the dresses and I also like beautiful color like red, pink, black, blue,off-white,gray,peach color, its all looking outstanding.you can also visit another site for the new designers dresses. https://thediscovernetwork.com/fashion/
Answered Apr 07, 2016
Here at Alien Taylor We believe that everybody has a chance to stand out, to be different, and make a statement. All of Our clothes are made from the best Cotton and Polyester you can get; Because we not only care about how you look, but how you feel.

Answered Dec 22, 2016
According to me, simple are comfortable accessories conformance to the latest trends that built our confidence is all about fashion.
Answered May 16, 2017
Sustainable brand that matches your lifestyle with a modern look, ethical concept partnering rural communities, workshops; using natural eco premium fibers.

Answered Oct 30, 2017
Form is a one of a kind and frequently standard pattern in the design week in which a man dresses. A great deal of mold has gone in a tolerably short period of time. We claim particularly more garments now than we did a century prior and up to this point we squander extensively less of our salary on our attire needs.

Answered Nov 01, 2017

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