I'm a girl and I'm bi and in love

I'm a teen girl and I am bi and I really like this girl in school, so much. There have been rumors that she is a lesbian but I'm not sure whether to believe them or not. I've never liked anyone like this before, I saw her hugging another one of her friends, and I'm so depressed now. Me and the girl I like never talk and we aren't in the same class, but we are in the same year and I don't think she likes me that much. We always have those awkward moments where we just stare at each other from a distance, and I want it to last forever, I, I just love her so much how can I deal with this? Bear in mind that we never speak to each other, just stare so I can't speak to her about it. I'll tell her one day
Asked Dec 03, 2012
Edited Dec 03, 2012
Start a conversation and ask her if the rumors are true. If she says yes, tell her u r bi. If she says no, say they r really mean for starting them. Make sure u r in private.
Answered Dec 03, 2012
Thanks for the help, but we never speak, we aren't friendsPr
Just talk say you want to friends if she says they're true tell her UR cool wit it try to be friends first
Answered Nov 30, 2013
Get to know her and then ease your way into asking.
Answered Dec 01, 2013
you should tell her. get to know her first of course, but ask her! it might pan out well for the both of you
Answered Apr 02, 2014
i loove girls im bi too and I masturbate alot it feels good 👍👌 and im really horny right now ..... tbh I like girls woth big ass and biiig boobs I think thats soo good . and I alwayss want to lick girls pu*** but I cant cause im berly 14 😳 but I wish I can someday
Answered Jul 22, 2014

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