I'm twelve and I've been getting my period for like a year and a half.

But I always soak through at school and in my sleep! I wear the biggest pad I can find...any suggestions???
Asked Nov 30, 2012
Change ur pad regularly and maybe even try wearing more than one pad at once.
Answered Dec 01, 2012
ok haha thank you:)
Maybe try the longer, overnight pads. If your mom thinks it's ok for you to wear tampons, then wear tampons and pads at the same time, but do be sure to change the tampon as often as recommended on the box.
Answered Dec 01, 2012
this happens of girls your age and it actually does bleed more at night or whilst your asleep I would suggest just changing your pads as often as possible and also maybe wear two instead of one and see if that helps I actually found a pad that is bigger than the normal pads they are for incompitence and they actually work great for periods.
Answered Dec 01, 2012
Do not wear a tampon to bed. If you forget it is in there and leave it in to lone, you can get poisoning
Answered Jan 15, 2016
if its really bad you can go to the doctors and they might give you medication/ birth control that will help, there are pads out thee that are for heavy periods.

hope this helps
Answered Feb 19, 2016

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