My hips and spine always pop, and I'm only 12.they really hurt, please help!

Asked Nov 29, 2012
like in my other answer to much manuel labor or to little and maybe you should go to a spa or masage place or something
Answered Dec 07, 2012
The key is the pain. If the pain most often happens at night and at a different time than the popping, that could be so-called, "growing pains." They most often occur in young people about your age and most often in the legs at night. If that's what you're experiencing, they will gradually go away as you get older. Try putting a heat pad on them in the meantime.

It is also normal for your joints to pop but normal popping seldom causes pain. If the pain starts when and where you pop and lingers in that location, you should see a doctor.

Answered Dec 07, 2012

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