Can I get sued for check fraud for not paying back payday loan online?

unfortunately I was not able to pay them back. Now a attorneys office called NCS is calling me saying that if I do not pay them 900.00 that I will have to come to court In Pa and I will be charged with 2 counts of check fraud. The loans were 475.00 to pay them off completely. Can I be charged and what should I do? They refuse any payment outside of a debit/credit card and are calling from withheld numbers and evn hung up on me when I tried to comply with making a 50.00 payment on the 3rd. Please let me Know what I should do or Who I should contact.
Asked Nov 28, 2012
as long as you pay them something the cant do anything
NCS is National Credit Solutions:
PO Box 15779, Oklahoma City, OK 73155-5779

Tel: (405) 619-3630

The Better Business Bureau has an alert out on this business. Click on the red Alert line on this page:

The web page below is the PA Attorney General's web page. It lists what a collection agency can and cannot do plus gives you their telephone number if the collection agency isn't following the law.
Answered Nov 28, 2012
Edited Nov 28, 2012
thank you, I emailed them and asked them about the situation. It seems that all sources say that they can not do this, but I still would like to know for sure.
There is nothing a collection agency can do but either hassle, threaten you or take you to court. I would be very surprised if you get sued. I would send the $50 to the people who loaned the money, keep good copies of the receipts and continue paying them. If they should take you to court, those payments will show the judge you are sincere and not trying to avoid paying.
Rob Nov 28, 2012
Well I would except I do not have a bank account nor any debit/credit cards and they refuse any other type of payment(money orders) etc. I am going to call them tonight and ask them to send me paperwork, if they refuse I would guess it's a scam.
I'm saying, if you owe the money, go to the place that loaned it to you, pay the $50 and get a receipt.
Rob Nov 28, 2012
See I can't it was a online payday loan.. If it was that simple I would have done it already lol. The loan company said that they sold my account to these people who keep calling me.

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