What are some music schools?

I would like to be a professional singer (like one on the radio or something) at some point in my life. Singing is my passion, my dream...but of course I need to go to college. They don't have colleges to teach you how to be a famous singer. I need help, please?
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Asked Nov 25, 2012
There are colleges that teach you how to be a professional singer. The most important issue in choosing one is to make sure the college you select is accredited and teaches the type of music you want to learn. It doesn't do much good to study opera if your ambition is to be a rock star. :-)

Some good information:
Answered Nov 25, 2012
Edited Nov 25, 2012
Given that you have more interest in a university than a conservatory and that your interest seems to be in those with solid academics (given your listing of UMich & Northwester), here are a few other universities to consider for music that have strong academics and strong music programs: Indiana University (Bloomington); Univ. of Southern California; and Rice University. As far as academics goes, if one includes your original two as well, Indiana is probably the least prestigious and Rice the most. As far as music goes, all five of these are strong, but the Shepherd School at Rice is probably the most selective, mostly because it has a very small undergrad music population.

U of North Texas: This has a huge music school (largest in the US with Indiana a very close second). The school is well-known for jazz and music ed, but has a good comprehensive music program covering almost everything. The university as a whole is not known as being an academic powerhouse (i.e. it is in a different league from USC, Indiana, Northwestern, Rice, and UMich). I think that U of North Texas often gets overlooked by music applicants because of its location (i.e. not in a major center and in Texas--a long distance from most people other than Texans!).

You will want to do specific research on where the good bassoon instructors are and ideally only apply to institutions that have bassoon teachers that you would be happy working with.
Answered Jan 06, 2013

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