What are some insulting names?

I am writing a story about a boy who is being bullied. I need some insulting nouns for him to call the bullies in his mind other than "Neanderthals" and "idiots".
NO SWEAR-WORDS, please. I know that makes it even more difficult, but I'm only 12 and even if I was older I don't believe in swearing anyway (it's not Christian, you know?), so... :D Thanks for helping!

(Why do I get the feeling that asking people not to swear will only result in more swearing just to provoke me?)
Anonymous User
Anonymous User
Asked Nov 25, 2012
Dunce, imbiseal , dummy, loser, loner, creep, thats all sorry
Answered Nov 25, 2012
Punk, bonehead, barbarian, ignoramus, moron, brain-dead, meat-head.
Answered Nov 25, 2012
sucker,son-of-a-witch,loser,dunce,retard or 'tard,complete-and-total-dummy,retard-extrodinar
Answered Nov 30, 2012

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