I love a girl and she says she loves me but she keeps dumping me?

I dated this girl on and off for a year and a half. In the beginning it was probably the best thing I had ever done. We'd talk all day long and I am pretty sure we never argued. Even though it sounds terribly cliche, when we were together it honestly felt like nothing else mattered. She was my first and only girlfriend and I'm pretty sure I'm in love with her. Then one day she got in trouble with her parents for being gay and after that things have never been the same. She says she feels the same as I do but she keeps breaking up with me and getting mad over really petty things. She says she feels the relationship isn't right and she is afraid of going to hell and all of these ridiculous things. I've convinced myself that she is worth it but she has yet to do the same. Now were apart and we both have boyfriends but I definitely don't feel anything for this guy. He's nice and all but I can't wrap my mind around being with someone other than her. I feel like I could easily get her back but I don't know if I'm ready to get dumped every week again. Do I struggle with trying to keep our relationship or do I just drop it?
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Anonymous User
Asked Nov 25, 2012
She is confused. Many young people go through a struggle to figure out who they really are. With time and experience she will reach the point where there is no doubt in her mind who she is. I would drop it for now. If your relationship was, "meant to be," she will be back. If it wasn't, your future dealing her will be an emotional roller coaster.
Answered Nov 25, 2012

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