Am I doing the right thing?

I have been in love over a girl for 4 yrs.Never professed my love.She is richer,prettier,earns more than me.And she is soon gonna get married,And I am jobless to add to my woes.I wish to convey my feelings for her,but am wondering if I really should,coz she will be married to someone who will give a secure life to her.And though I love her,it doesnot pay the bills ,right? Am I doin something really stupid? Should I fight for her love? Or let it rot so she atleast will tie the knot with a richer,secure guy? My life is already a mess,and it might brighten up coz if her,but I am not able to even give a soverign of gold to her,so Will not she be struggling with me? They say girls dont care for money,they need love,but is that alone enough?
Asked Nov 24, 2012
You've been in love for 4 years and why did you haven't talk to her about this. All the problems have simple solution. But the solution will only come only if the question was asked. Did you understand my point friend......

Be bold in what you are doing, taking a decision is very important in life. You will lose her if you haven't asked her about this. But, you will also have a chance of getting her, only if you ask. Be bold in what ever is the result. Because life is lot than what ever you're doing now, everything in life has a meaning.
Answered Nov 24, 2012

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