Are my dogs having false pregnancies because of me

I just found out last week that i'm pregnant. My 2 female dogs have been lactating scratching at their beds and really acting as if they are pregnant for 2 weeks now . They had their heat cycle last june and no male dogs around so they are not pregnant. 4 year old husky and 10 year old golden border collie mix. Thanks :D
Asked Nov 22, 2012
Youll find out if your Baby end up either Born with Humans Body or Born with Human Head
Answered Nov 27, 2012
It is possible that the dogs are simply recognizing your pregnancy and automatically mimicking the actions of their owner. Often animals (especially birds and dogs) do that.
Answered Nov 27, 2012
Interesting Q.
If ur not breeding ur dogs, do u want to consider getting them neutered/spayed? Repro cycles are difficult on domestic animals. Think: poor female felines climbing the walls while in heat. Un-neutered males desperately seeking sex.
Non 'fixed' pets are hard on owners, too. Have you ever been 'sprayed'?
Lastly, I'm thinking how greater ur enjoyment of ur newborn will be, when u won't have to worry about puppies.
Answered Nov 28, 2012

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