Looking to start burlesque dancing:)

Well I'm slowly but surely going to try my hand at Burlesque! I have a few people who can help me into the burlesque family, its the dressing up and how to look during the day!
1)Where is the best place to get corsets,and all the underwear needed?Note I live in Ireland!
2)How long and hard will I need to work?I've been studying burlesque along with my culinary exams this week!
3) I'm 5"3 and I know Dita Von Teese is to so I guess thats fine, but can I use that to be more sexy then cute? Also I'm a size 10-12 (UK) and an E cup bra size!
DO any if these things effect or make for a better burlesque girl? I really want to do the main 40's/50's , also I haven't touched a dance class in my life will I need to?
If anyone is Burlesque or can help me please do!
All help wanted :)
Asked Nov 19, 2012
Edited Nov 19, 2012
It is doubtful that you need dance classes but the music is important. You need music with a heavy drum beat with a lot of tom-toms and rim shots. Just synchronize the bump and grind to the drum line and that will get you there.

Search "burlesque" and watch some of the videos. There are costume distributors on the web too where you can order them.

I don't get why the daytime dress has anything to do with it. Burlesque is an act and a form of entertainment. Every dancer I've known would consider it very unprofessional to wear their costume offstage. That makes this question read like there's a promotion for a web site coming behind it. I hope that isn't the case.
Answered Nov 19, 2012

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