Can I sending flowers to a girl on her Birthday 3 months after we stopped meeting?

Im in love with a girl. She loved me too. But we only met during work and haven't met each other for two months. She has moved on from me now but I know she still has a soft spot for me. (we keep in touch occasionally)
#I've been trying so hard to be with her but nothings working since we cant meet each other. She knows that I keep trying to get to her and keeps patient and responds kindly in whenever I do or say.

Her Birthday is coming up in less than a month and I was hoping to send her some flowers. She's at the stage of feeling that we're never going to meet each other and Im tired of trying so hard to get together and failing all the time. We were so close to being with each other this week and today that plan broke down too because she couldn't get the job in which we were both planning to work on. Im exhausted. But I love her.
I want to give it a last try by sending her flowers on her birthday and maybe saying something which might spark our romance again. But I dont want to put her on the spot cuz she wouldnt expect it and she might think im too attachy to send her flowers after all this time..
I need some inspiration to figure out a way to get to her and im only going to give it one last chance. If not im going to quit! I've had it with trying and failing. She's given up already. Any thoughts?
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Asked Nov 16, 2012
Well, ask her what she feels? If she still likes you in the same way you like her, ask her to meet you somewhere, if not, well, take it in your stride. If you truly love her, give her the flowers, but maybe, if they seem too attachy or romantic, you could settle for some chocolates/a pretty bracelet/necklace.
Answered Nov 17, 2012
How about you just send a card and then at the bottom put "Hope to see you soon!" and see how that goes. Good Luck Xx
Answered Nov 17, 2012

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