I am a girl who is interested in girls!

so sorry for my bad english .. I am popular girl who have been dating a lots of hot guys .., but it always seems so wrong for me .,, I am good looking ... a girly girl ... but I act like a boy ... I always had feeling for girls ... and it was so hard to be with a boy ... its been a 2 month that I accept that I am bi... that doesnt mean I want to change my appearenc to a boy!!! no I love the way I look... the problem is I am living in a some muslim country that my friends and others wont accept me as a bio ... my parrent are open minded and they are ok with it .. and there is two girls in my school that I like ... I have kissed one of them but another one is staright but she do like me ... my ex is soo mad with my changes and he keeps making trouble for me ..,
thats because he loves me ... I ve been so confuised ... I cant talk to any one abount my feelings because if the school find out about me they are gonna kick me out ... :D what should I do?? should I go back to boys?? or stay with my girl??
Asked Nov 13, 2012
what did you do?
Kiruse Nov 30, 2012
well one way to solve this is in one book, the Bible, Now I kinda understand what you are going through I am shure we all had homo or bi problems at one point so I suggest getting and reading a Bible or going to online therapist and I would Go back to a boy cause I kdont support homo but I do want to help.
Answered Nov 19, 2012
And if you need help then turn to your ex, if he loves you then he will help and will be happy seeing you happy
Kiruse Nov 20, 2012
Tch dont listen t @Kiruse, be whatever and who ever you want to be. Don't let anyone get to you. If you want to be bisexual then so be it, that's just your sexuality and no one should get in the way of that just because they don't like it. The bible isn't gonna help anything, If God said he'll always love you no matter what then that means he'll love you even if you turn bisexual. You have the right to like whoever you want to like and if you're fine with it, then that's the only opinion that should REALLY matter. In my opinion, I think you should try it out with a girl, just to see if you like being with them, and if you do well then, your bisexual :P. Don't be ashamed of liking the same gender, I mean it's just a gender after all. And don't listen to those type of people that say you'll go to hell if you turn gay or bisexual because honestly have they ever been to hell and have seen all the gays that died there? no, and what just cuz they read it in the bible? the bible has been re-written sooo many times so we really don't know what's "true" or "false". Date who ever you wanna date honey, remember you're not the only one who's bisexual out in the world ;).
Answered Nov 19, 2012
I wasn't hatin on bi's or homo's I was saying I don't support them and I Am trying to help her cause she was asking and read the KJV that is the closest to old Bibles and I never condemmnd anyone yes God loves her God loves murderers and rapist but he doesn't love murdering and raping and God made a man AND a woman not two men or two women it isnt what he intended for humanity like he didn't intend for evolution but it's here and he still loved Charles Darwin and I am jet saying cause I had problems with my sexuality once and I thought I was gay and I am fighting with it now and by Gods grace I still remain straight and birth rate would go down if alot of people became bi or homo and when you think about it's Gods will that we are to not have sex outside of marriage and look what Happens when we do we get disease just putting it out there sorry about bad grammar
Kiruse Nov 19, 2012
It's okay to be gay. Even though the bible says it is wrong, god created everyone, and if he ment for everyone to be the same, they would be. Explain it 2 ur family and tell them not 2 judge u. U can call a help number, or look up a website on the web. But ur life is worth living. Never commit suicide.
Answered Nov 20, 2012
You don't understand God can't make us gay or straight cause he gave us free will like he can't make not talk about something you don't understand shyrehe trows stuff at us but he can't chose what we do with it
Kiruse Nov 20, 2012
There is nothing wrong in being bisexual, gay or lesbian. I think you should try with a girl. It is your life and your choice. I know the problems you can get into if you openly state your sexual orientation. It is still a sensitive issue so I would ask you to take it easy and explain it to people who will understand this situation. You need not to say anything right now. Just accept you are not straight. I wont suggest you to go back to your ex because if you do not like boys then why try again and make the situation more uncomfortable for you and your ex.
Answered Nov 23, 2012

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