How do you know if he likes you or just wants you for sex?

i like genuinely like this guy, but he likes sex.
im worried he just wants me for sex.
i have flirted with him in the pass but never got to the sex part, he does get mad about it.
he would write a good morning and a good night text which I think is sweet.
he also says that a relationship is developed in and out of the bedroom.
his 33 and im 21 and I want a relationship.

Asked Nov 12, 2012
If he gets mad that you don't put out, then he just wants you for sex. A great way to know is to tell him you want to take it very slow and not rush into a physical relationship. If he's willing to wait for you -- and not have sex with someone else while he's waiting -- then he's interested in you.
Answered Nov 13, 2012
text messaging isnt enough he should take you out for dinners, movies actually spend some time with you. Men minds do revolve around sex just bare in mind that being too playfull with him he mite get the wrong picture and think you want to sleep with him unfortunately that's how thier minds think sometimes actually all th e time. Relax and see other people and have fun if he can wait then it will be worth the wait. God Bless
Answered Nov 29, 2012
he sounds like he wants sex tell him you dont wanna have sex till marriage and see how he reacts
Answered Dec 05, 2012
you will no if he is with you for sex if he is then all he wants to do is tuch you if not then he wants you for yu not abut want you got hunny..........................................................

Answered Dec 14, 2012
If you're under 22, he wants sex. If you're 22+, he might like you. The difference is whether you behave like a bubble-head or not.
Answered Dec 15, 2012

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