Question regarding quality of my outdoor DSL/phone line cable

I have recently moved into a house that uses a DSL connection for internet and phone. The cable runs outdoors for a very long distance and a portion (less than 1/4) of the cable is an older "1-pair" cable with these markings on it: Superior Cable 1996 (UL) E 39169

The other portion is a newer "2-pair" cable.

I am considering replacing the older portion to match the newer "2-pair" cable, but I need to know if there will be a very significant improvement in speed/signal strength if I do so. So, can anyone tell me about this type of cable: Superior Cable 1996 (UL) E 39169? And can anyone tell me if there would be a significant improvement if I replaced the older portion?

If not, can someone point me in the right direction where I might get some advice around this subject?

Thank you,
Asked Nov 11, 2012
A noisy phone line will slow down a DSL connection considerably because the packets that are interrupted by the noise don't verify and have to be re-sent.

To insure compatibility, the best source of info on the wire to use would be the Internet Service Provider (ISP) that is providing the DSL service on the other end of the wire.
Answered Nov 11, 2012

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