I want my ex back.but I don't want to make the same mistake.again.?

okay,so last night I was at a football game,& my ex boyfriend was there.(every time I see him it kills me inside...cuz I still like him) & he gave me a hug,& was like,"she's mine" and started smiling.i'm really confused..? because he hugs me quite a bit at school & stuff.but i'm not sure if he knows I have another boyfriend...? I wouldn't doubt it if he didn't know though..cuz my boyfriend doesn't ever walk with me at school,& he never talks to me in person.& no.i'm not joking either.crazy right? a boyfriend that doesn't talk to his girl.i miss my ex.terribly.but I don't want to make the same mistake i've made a million times.(and yes,i'm exaggerating..but not by much) & long story short; i've only had two boyfriends & I don't really know what it feels like to be treated like a princess.that's why I left my ex.(the one that I miss) was because I was so used to being treated like crap,when I actually found somebody that treated me amazingly and like a princess,i ended up leaving him. & I want him back..? & I still really and truly love him.but I have a boyfriend now (& he's the other ex that treated me like crap.& still does) & yes,i know I made a HUGE mistake when I broke up with my ex for my other ex.i'm sorry if this is confusing.i just don't know what to do anymore & I need help.& i'm way too scared to break up with my current boyfriend,cuz I don't want to hurt his feelings.& I don't want to make the same mistake again..? what to do....?
Asked Nov 10, 2012
1st don't expect to be treated like a princess, expect to be given respect. 2nd ask how you ex feels about you, I know thats a hard thing to do, but if he doesn't actually like you then you can move on. 3rd well if you actually like your current boyfriend help him out of his shell, he seems to be the average shy dude problem just be open, honest, loving, and friendly to help make him comfortable. 4th if you don't like your current boyfriend break it off, it'll hurt more if you extend a relationship where one or both of you aren't happy. 5th if you do break-up with your current boyfriend and your ex doesn't like you take a break, find yourself, do what makes YOU happy! Thats all I got for you for now
Answered Nov 10, 2012
Edited Nov 10, 2012
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Answered Jan 10, 2019

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