Pain on each side of back.

This is been going on for about 5 years. I have pain in my lower back on each side. It is not my spine or the muscles around my spine. The pain is further out. I do not have pain in my front at all. When the pain first started it would only hurt for a short time. For the past two years or more it is all the time. Day, night, standing and sleeping. No burning, tingling, or numbness down the legs. It hurts the most when I am standing and walking. I have no back pain.Something new came 7 months ago and I do not no if it is from the pain that I have. My stools have very thick mucus. I have 3 to 5 bowel movements a month but I had that problem since I was a child. The only way I can go is when I take lots of exlax. I have been on alot of pills, bran, drinks, special diets and so on. I have tried it all and it does not work. When I do have a bowel movement I get very sick. I get hot, cold and cramps that I sometimes wish I would just past out. I have been going to my doctor for years and it is always the same answer it is the muscles on both sides of the spine. The pain is not coming from my spine. My age 47, Health history Age 36 I had a full Hysterectomy because I had endometriosis really really bad. Lost both breasts from cancer 3 years ago. Had blood test and I carry BRCA2. Please help
Asked Nov 09, 2012
Back aches are rather common but the bowel frequency and description above sounds abnormal to me. With that combination of symptoms, you should go to a different doctor for a second opinion. Five years and no answer says it needs to be looked at from a different perspective.

Answered Nov 10, 2012
You might want to try vistiting a chiropractor...
Answered Nov 09, 2012
Thank you for your answer but I have done that. I went to a chiropractor for months hoping that it would help but it did not do a thing. It is not my spine.
Do you have any problems urinating?I am thinking possibly kidney-related here.
Answered Feb 05, 2013
I highly recommend seeing a chiropractor. I was feeling these same symptoms and I went to my personal chiropractor from I have an illness called Ulcerative Colitis which sometimes causes back pains because of the ulcers in my colon. It's a very uncomfortable feeling. I kind of know where your coming from and I would recommend going to a chiropractor. You will not regret it I promise!
Answered May 14, 2013
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Answered Jul 26, 2019
You need a back massage.
Answered Jul 31, 2019
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