Gap in!

I'm 12 and all of my friends have lovely straight teeth and I'm lumbered with a gap. Every time I ask my dentist they say it will close up naturally...they've been saying this for the last three years. It's so annoying because I never smile with my mouth open and I always feel embarrassed to talk to people because they're always looking at my mouth. I can't show you a pic but tbh it's not really that big but it's big enough for a grain of rice to get stuck in it.
Any suggestions on what I should do?? And no stupid ones like "oh I find that duct tape really helps"
Thankyou :)
Asked Nov 09, 2012
Edited Nov 09, 2012
Why do you want to look like a clone of all of your friends? Gapped teeth are really cute. Having a gap in their teeth didn't seem to bother Justin Bieber, David Letterman, Madonna, or any of hundreds of other celebrities having a gap in the photos at this link:

You're spending too much time looking in the mirror. Accept yourself as you are. Some people don't have any teeth at all.
Answered Nov 09, 2012
Yeah, my mum said that if I am lumbered with it I should make the most of it...I'd like to be an actress or a model when I'm older...thankyou for helping but, I'm not sure Justin bieber has a gap teeth
Papala Nov 09, 2012
You may be right. There are a lot of altered photos on the Internet. Still I see nothing in the photo of him with the gap that makes him look worse. The point is that you can double your attractiveness by being comfortable with who you are as opposed to constantly comparing yourself to everybody else in the world and focusing your attention on what you look like. It's what you think and who you really are that counts. Just be yourself and, trust me, you will be fine with your cute little gap. :-)
Rob Nov 09, 2012
I also have teeth gap before but I used Orthofill bands to close it .:) you can try it also . Good luck and hope it'll help you:)
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Answered Jan 11, 2019

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