What is the difference between bus & boat

i mean the difference between bus & boat & better between them

Asked Nov 09, 2012
this do'nt make sense fool
avri27 Sep 17, 2013
God do u really want an answer for this??honestly Your curiosity is great......by the way most common difference is one is a means of transport on road and other is on water..In my opinion bus is better.it's more safe and accomodating than boat...now best of luck for whatever u r going to do wid this knowledge:-)
Answered Nov 09, 2012
If it will prevent someone from trying to take the bus across the water, your answer will be worthwhile. :-)
Rob Nov 09, 2012
Bus have a six tyres but boat have not a tyres so bus is safe than boat.
Answered Apr 02, 2013
bus has wheels and boats don't? lol
Answered Apr 18, 2013
boats have seat belts english buses dont
Answered Apr 18, 2013
it is so much of boats and I am come fused
Answered Apr 23, 2013
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Answered Nov 19, 2013
Bus is run in the road and boat is run in sea
Answered Dec 11, 2013
Bus is for roads and boats are for water. A bus has wheels where boats don't have those permanent wheels (most kind of boats). Bus is used for road transports whereas boats are used for water transport and sailing.
Answered Feb 15, 2020

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