Can I do weed once and leave it alone?

I really want to get stoned with my friends. But I'm afraid, I've heard it's not addictive at all, I've heard it is, my friend says him and his best friend smoked it and got high, but he's not addicted. But 2 of my cousins are addicts. So many answers, which one's right? Btw I'm 13. My friend who says he did it is too, and my other friend used to do it with his friends but finally quit, but his friends are still addicted, so does it just depend on the person? Thanks for any answers.
Asked Nov 03, 2012
In addition to physical addictions, there are also psychological addictions where a person develops habits and it becomes part of their lifestyle. It's important for all of us to think about WHY we are doing the things we do. Things that offer a benefit for you is good reason to be doing it, because other people are doing it is not a good reason.

I agree with you that "football is great" but people who develop the pot smoking lifestyle never excel at it.
Answered Nov 03, 2012
Thanks for the answer, pretty good answer.
It's less addictive than coffee and it's almost completely harmless. Rob, you are an idiot. You probably drink alcohol don't you? Alcohol is about ten times more addictive than weed. There are 75,000 deaths from alcohol every year and there have been absolutely NO deaths from cannabis use EVER. Google it and get your facts right before you embarrass yourself with your idiotic answers.
Nothing you said even responds to the points Rob was making... Chill, and if you can disagree with someone without denigrating them, then that helps you appear less insecure, etc., and more like someone a person who can engage in intelligent conversation.

You're factually incorrect on the no pot death stat, by the way. You can't be counting the people killed by high drivers. Chocolate chips didn't cause those people to commit vehicular manslaughter...
Remember what the turtle said to the snail: "I may be slow but I'm ahead of you." :-)
Rob Apr 05, 2013
i think it is an addictive substance because it doesn't cause any physical damage to the smoker the smoker is less likely to give up especially if u enjoy the effect of being high u kind of get a view that's like hey its not doing me any damage apart from eating at my wallet and if ur not a big fan of alcohol or have a busy schedule like some people it can be their only vice
Answered Mar 03, 2014
Tooooooo Youngggggg …! < Lol Hope I Helped SIKEEEE! Ik I Didn't .
Answered Mar 03, 2014
Edited Mar 03, 2014

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