How to know if a boy likes me?

Okay so their names are William, Aubrey, Brandon, and Jacob. William is really physical like poking. when we are in the hall he will bop my hair. we used to out. he will go out of his way to get next to me in the hall. Aubrey , I've liked him since 2nd grade. I wore my bangs and he rated it a 7 my usual was a 3. he is flirty with me but also with A LOT of other girls. Brandon , we live in the same apt complex and he walks me to the bus stop and I'll go to his house and we "cuddle" (more like sit together). Jacob , we really just met. And he likes to joke around with me a lot.
Asked Nov 02, 2012
okayy if a boy likes you he will keep buging you it dont matter what your doin he will bug you pull your hair throw little things at you and if you catch him looking at you and smileing...ive learnt alott of things about boys if you need to know anything else let me know
Answered Nov 03, 2012
Which one do you think likes me more?
if a guy likes you he will tease be around you all the time and try to be there for you when something happens. I think that william likes you aubrey, well maybe or he is just a good friend, I think brandon does and for jacob its hard to tell; pls tell me if get togethre with one I have been following and I wish you the best with brandon most but second william
Answered Nov 20, 2012
Edited Nov 28, 2012
He will treat u like a preciouse dimond
Answered Apr 13, 2015

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