Is it possible that a heart cancer be cured by heart transplant?

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Asked Nov 02, 2012
It is possible.
Answered Nov 02, 2012

Heart cancer is often fatal condition. There are some treatment options that a physician can consider like injections and drainage, radiation, Chemotherapy and Heart Transplant.

However, heart transplant is only possible in the cases when the heart cancer has not spread to other areas of the body. This is a complicated procedure and poses risks, so it’s beneficial for you to seek good professional advices regarding this. You can look for free online consultation with experts of well known heart transplant center like and make an informed decision.
Answered Aug 05, 2013
Heart transplantation is a procedure that replaces the entire heart muscle. Typically used as a last resort medical procedure, a healthy heart is donated by someone recently deceased. The procedure requires precise timing to ensure that the donor heart tissues remain healthy prior to transplantation. The heart transplant candidate will be evaluated for suitability depending on other bodily system evaluations and health factors.
Answered Aug 05, 2013
Gene Therapy Using ‘Junk DNA’ Could Lower the Risk of Heart Disease

Researchers at the University of California has successfully concluded the implementation of gene therapy for reducing the risk of heart diseases. This gene therapy is efficiently known to reduce cholesterol levels in the body, thus combating heart blockage and risk of heart attacks.
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Answered Sep 14, 2017

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