Why is my best guy friend ignoring me?

Me and my best guy friend have been really close for like a year and a half. This year we started highschool and I don't have any classes with him. At first, it was fine we were still friends still texted normal. But now it's been like a few weeks since we've talked in person or texted. I'm not really sure why but the last time we talked he told me he didn't like he girl he had a crush on anymore, since then he's ignored me. If I do see him in the hallways everyones walking so fast that by the time we see eachother we just make a really awkward eye contact. It pisses me off that if I try to tell my other friends they would be lik awww you like him and I don't. I know it gets hard when we have no classes together and stuff but I just feel like I'm losing one of my best friends.
Asked Oct 29, 2012
Text him,or when you meet him,demand to talk.Ask him if he's ignoring you,if you did something wrong,and ask him to be honest.
Answered Oct 31, 2012

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