Should I switch from private school to public school?

My class has been very mean to each other and there is only 15 kids (including me). For example just a few days ago a teacher found a note about a plan to make one boy cry. This is far from the worst thing done in my class just this time they got in trouble. The teachers and the principal have given up on us. Another thing is that all the people who are mean are all loved by the teachers so they never get in trouble. I have been wanting to go to a public school since 5th grade, I now have my chance but it's now almost in the middle of 8th grade. I will be attending public high school so this might be a better transition so I will at least know a few people and possibly make a few friends. But I will be going into a place where I don't know anyone
Asked Oct 27, 2012
Somebody is paying a lot of money for you to go to private school and it sounds like they aren't getting what they're paying for. Still, I wouldn't try changing schools in the middle of the year. You could miss out on material that is critical for high school. Friends are important but school is really about learning.

Answered Oct 27, 2012
Edited Oct 27, 2012
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Answered Nov 16, 2017
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Answered Mar 05, 2018
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Answered Oct 14, 2019
If you’ve decided that you just need to transfer your kid from private to public school, take a step back before you place your plan into action. Before you create this necessary decision, you wish to involve your kid within the conversation. Moving your kid to a new school could be a big deal and it may impact quite simply his education. If your kid already has strong social ties, the transition can be a difficult one. You’ll need to talk to your kid about the change before you implement it in order that he or she knows what's going on and what is expected during the switch.

Talk to your kid’s teacher thus he knows that your kid is transferring from another school – your child may have some extra help during the transition and staying in touch with the teacher will help you keep track of your child’s progress.
Make sure that your kid is fully ready once it comes time to make the switch. You’ll got to talk to your kid regarding the reason for the change and make sure that he is able to move to a new school. it's going to help to highlight the positives of the new school instead of dwelling on the negatives of the old school.
Help your kid keep in touch with friends from his old school. change to a new college is difficult for a child and it's going to take him it slow to create new friends. within the meanwhile, facilitate your kid keep in grips with old friends by scheduling playdates as usually as you'll.
Think about hiring a tutor. If you're worried that your kid may fall behind or have trouble creating the switch to a new school, think about hiring an educator to assist him together with his classwork. Your kid could feel easier working with an educator than asking you for help.
Be supportive of your child’s wants and interests. making the switch to a replacement school is challenging and a few kids can struggle more than others. make an effort to support your kid the maximum amount as possible.
Answered Oct 15, 2019
The only school I could switch to this late is ranked 1,500 something. So yeah, it's not great. But what I'm wondering is, is this an AWFUL idea? Could I survive at a public school? Will my education really be that much worse? and, most importantly, how would colleges see it.

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Answered May 25, 2022
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