I need help in biology

I have to answer the question what is the structure and function of neuron cells, but I have to use review articles to cite the source. Can someone help me PLEASE?!
Asked Oct 14, 2012
Please define "review articles." Can you use websites, or only published journals, magazines, etc?
Are you wanting help citing your sources, or do you need help finding sources to use?
tbiM20 Oct 14, 2012
I can only use published journals. I need help finding the sources.
jmmmmmm Oct 14, 2012
Salmon Khan's video on the "Anatomy of a Neuron:"

Answered Oct 14, 2012
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Answered Feb 26, 2018
Science teachers, let’s get real for a minute: biology is an extensive subject. Covering all the living organisms that exist is in no way easy and probably involved hundreds of biology resources! Us at Teacherr recognise that. We 100% appreciate the effort you put in to simplify the subject for your students.

We, however, wish to take that appreciation to the next level. What if we not just thanked you, but simplified your teaching? Hence, we’ve compiled the five best bio resources available for FREE on the Internet (in no particular order of course). Enjoy!
Answered Oct 02, 2019

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