There's this guy I know, we're friends, and I have liked him for a while. So one day I accidently told him I liked him. He didn't really react to it. Then a few weeks later we were talking and he told me that he LIKED me in grade 4 and 5 (i'm in grade 7 now) but he said he thought that he would never have a chance with me. Now I don't know what to do. Another thing is when we play truth or dare and I pick truth he says stuff like "If I were to ask you out would you say yes?" or "If I were to ask you to the halloween dance would you say yes?"
Asked Oct 13, 2012
Edited Oct 14, 2012
He knows you like him now. *If* he starts to like you again, he'll probably feel more comfortable telling you. The next move is up to him. If he didn't react when you told him and hasn't said anything yet, he may just see you as a friend now. If he doesn't bring it up again, he's probably wants to just be friends and may not want to bring it up again to avoid hurting your feelings.
Answered Oct 14, 2012
My tip would either be trying to talk about it some more without ruining the friendship or ask him out do a holiday party or something.
Answered Nov 19, 2012

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