Can I make a pork shoulder into a decent roast? how long do I cook it? it's 8 lbs.

Pretty much explains it. Cooking a pork shoulder in a crock pot on the low setting(slow cooking it), it's 8 pounds, and I want to know if it will make a good roast. Most people use it for pulled pork. I'm gonna put potatoes and carrots and etc.
Asked Oct 13, 2012
First what you should do is sear the shoulder, to seal in all the juices. Do this by putting a large skillet or griddle on high on your stove, put a little oil on the skillet, and brown all of the sides of your shoulder (its a little difficult to turn, but this pays off in the end.)

Here is a recipe for a roasted pork shoulder. You will have to increase the time for yours, since its larger... the slow cooker has always worked well for me. Personally, I'd suggest cooking the vegetables separately, later, because they will probably overcook if placed with the roast. So cook the pork in the slow cooker, come home, roast the veggies separately in the oven.

Oh, and internal temperature is always a fail-safe way to get perfect doneness. Also, let rest an hour before carving the pork, so it can reabsorb all of those juices!
Answered Oct 14, 2012

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