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0.9% of 1,000
Asked Oct 08, 2012

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1,000 x 0.9 =
Answered Oct 08, 2012
The above answer is incorrect.

The correct formula is 1,000 x .009 =

For an explanation of why this is correct watch:

Converting decimals to percents (ex 1)

... Then watch this:

Taking a percentage of a number
Answered Oct 09, 2012
1% means 1part of number 100,ie 1/100,so 0.9% means 0.9/100
so,0.9% of 1000,means (0.9/100)*1000=9
Answered Mar 16, 2013
0.9% of 1,000 is 90.
Answered May 14, 2013
You solve it by dividing 100 by 0.9 and your answer = .009 so .009x1'000
Answered May 23, 2013

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