Internet bullying :( HELP PLEASE!

So me and spouse were playing a game for a long time. This girl befriends us, and then a few weeks later I get a call telling on me that they cheated on me. I knew this is not true for a fact because I'm always with them(on Skype because we're long distance) this girl got my number from my Skype and kept calling me over and harassing me in text. I told my mom and she didn't care and didn't want the police involved in this, my spouse, obviously couldn't do anything, so they was out of the picture. Everyday was filled with heart break, and harassment. I have even lost my metal stability. She also used an imaginary friend, then when I contacted her she acted oblivious and pretended to know it didn't happen and blamed it on someone who doesn't exist. Things happen and then it settled down. Later after a few months I get another call, the same thing. It is really ruining my relationship with him. And I'm at my end limits I want her in jail, and I know there are PLENTY of laws to prevent this, but my bitchy mom wont let me do anything. But I am going to contact my counselor (if I ever get their number) if they cant help me. I don't know what can anymore and humanity has been lost and so forth my life.. :\
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Asked Oct 07, 2012
Edited Oct 07, 2012
A person can only harass you verbally if you listen to them. When you pick up the phone and it's her, just hang up and don't talk to her. When you get a text message, don't read it, delete it and block her if you can.

It's your responding to her harassment that's making this fun for her. Take that away and she'll find someone else to hassle.
Answered Oct 07, 2012
she has spammed my cell phone so I couldnt do anything like call or text anymore and my mom wont let me get a new phone or number..
If you can't do anything "like call or text anymore," and she lives at a distant location, then how is she contacting you, through the microwave oven? :-)
Rob Oct 07, 2012
You can call you cell phone company to have them block her number. I've done this plenty of times. It's very easy.

For the rest of it, just understand that she's obviously looney, and you're letting her get the best of you. Your mother is probably reacting the way she is because this is something you could easily handle by yourself (aside from calling the cell phone company if it's in her name). This girl lives far away, so you're probably in no physical danger. Stop focusing on what she's doing to you. Stop letting her upset you. Just ignore her. That's all you have to do. DECIDE to stop letting her bother you and focus on something else. She really can't hurt you unless you allow her. Decide you don't care what this lunatic does.

If there are no other problems between you and your guy, there's no reason that she should be coming between you. She's not ruining your relationship. Your reaction is.

You have to find a way to let this go. I know it's easier said than done, but you have to find a way to not hand this girl your sanity. She's not the last bully you're going to encounter. You can use this as an opportunity to develop better emotional and mental control.
Answered Oct 07, 2012
Edited Oct 07, 2012
Don't just block her number block her on Skype too
Answered Aug 30, 2013

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