I am having feminine problems, I think I may have herpes?

I had sex with someone unprotected. I have had sex with them before and they gave me clamydia, I should of know to wear protection. But I started itching down there and burning, I do that alot anyways, I can't use certain soaps and sometimes sex does do that too me. But I started my period and noticed that the bottom part of my vagina, the entrance there was like swelling, and like skin sticking out?? And at the top part of my vagina in the entrance I can feel mushy like thing. I checked myself after my period and the inside of me is like swollen shut. I can feel like something sticking down and its like swollen, its very hard to explain. I researched and herpes pops up. But I would think that I would have a outbreak of blisters down there? I havne't yet, and I hope I don't. I called my OBGYN and they don't have no early appointments so its like a curious waiting game for me. I am just wandering what it could be and why I am doing it. I figured maybe I had a yeast infection since before I started doing that I was itching down there. Also I treated my self with some over the couter itch creme and the itch went away. And I am also urinating alot. Any advice would be helpful. Thanks.

I haven't had sex since that person. But I have alot of the symptoms. Like my back hurt me really bad and it burned when I would pee. I know I shouldn't search everything but my sypmtoms I would put in popped up herpes and that scares me. I do not want to have anything like that and I am not very sexual active. I do have two kids but I don't think that could be why I am the way I am down there right now. A better way I could explain it is at the bottom of my vagina opening where the scar is from where the doctor cut me while I was having my children that is where there is like skin surrounding the area and kinda poking out and up in me it feels the same way???
Asked Oct 03, 2012
Edited Oct 03, 2012
If your OBGYN can't see you tomorrow, can you go to an urgent care center asap? You already know something is wrong, so I agree looking things up at this point is just going to drive you made.

Study up on protection too. Condoms should always be used, but they still can't protect against everything. Learn about how to keep yourself healthy, and think about breaking habits or patterns that keep putting you at risk. Good luck.
Answered Oct 03, 2012
It seems like you have a different problem then herpes and I would get that checked out with a gynecologist, but I wouldn't be too worried if it was herpes if I were you. Herpes is the most common STD out there. I don't mean that 20% of people have it, I mean about 80% of people have it. Most people don't know because it is not a serious disease at all. Having bumps on you're vagina is a normal thing and so is having it anywhere else. It's called the Han body, we have bumps everywhere, you can't really point it out. Also herpes is not painful at all. Really, most people don't know they have it and the ones that do either got worried about a small bump and went to the doctors or probably had a very serious bump which is unusual. I know this not because I have herpes, I mean I could, I have no idea, but I have researched on it and actually talked to experts about it, not sex Ed teachers who like to scare teens into abstinence with "scary" diseases, which some have definitely been amplified to be more horrendous then it actually is.
Answered Apr 06, 2016

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