How do I make her want me? I'm a girl

I'm a freshman in highschool and i'm a lesbian. Anyway, there's this new girl in my algebra class that came like last week. At first I didn't really think much of her but then she started trying to talk to me. She is so beautiful I swear. We have new assigned seats and she sits right in front of me. I have algebra everyday last period so I get to see her everyday, thankfully. So, today I saw her at lunch but I didn't approach her. Then after it was time for class. She's really flirty, she grins at me alot in a really sexy, seductive way. But I think she does that to everyone. She's really cute. Umm so, I told her she had a safety pin on the back collar of her shirt, which was right next to get bra strap, and she asked me to take it off. So I did and I gave it to her, then she gave it to me and said it was a 'present'. It was cute. Then I started talking to my friend who sits to my right and somehow the topic of me not being a virgin came up. She asked if I was and I said no. Then she asked who my first was and I said that it was personal. She asked again and I told her. I swear as soon as I said a girls name, she got confused as fuck. She said she wanted to ask me another question but then said never mind. About 5 minutes later, she was like, " are you bi or..?" then I said, i'm a lesbian. And she was like oh, that's what I was gonna ask but I didn't know if it was personal or not. Then she said, "oh I thought about being bi last year but yeah.." Yeah. Later she passed me a note that said, "whats ur #?" and my friend that sits to my right knows I like her and she was like, ohhh get some and I think she noticed. So I gave her my number and yeah. How do I get her to want me? As more than a friend. Oh, and one time this guy that sat close to her, wrote his number on a piece of paper in her binder and when he wasn't looking, she ripped it out and threw it away. So does this mean she's interested? :P sorry about it being kinda long. Ahah, thanks for any help guys (:
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Asked Oct 01, 2012

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You can't really make a person want you. Now, think about it/ She did say that she was thinking about being bi last year. That doesn't necessarily mean that she is bi this year, or that she has thoughts of it. Show some affection around her to see if that lures her in. Be there for her, make her happy and whatnot. Find out the things she likes and bring those up. If she likes hugs, give her hugs. If she likes chocolates, get her that. Be affectionate, and don't give up. I hope this helped.
Answered Oct 01, 2012
That definitely sounds like she's interested! SHE asked YOU for your number and the GUY asked her for her number (which she shamelessly ripped apart). That's kind of odd right? I mean your a girl! How cute though. Does she look like a lesbian like did you ever guess? Because even though it's stereotypical it can sometimes be accurate. And was your friend shocked that you were a lesbian because you don't look like one? I hate stereotypes but your stories interesting. I'm Bisexual myself but I like girls way more like WAY more. I'm a femme and have a girlfriend now. I love her.

So anyway.. You should just keep doing what your doing. Maybe randomly hug her if she's being super flirty like say your adorable to her. Because like it or not girls can tell when a persons being cute and usually (if your like me) You want to hug them tight because it's so cute... I guess everyone can tell when someones being cute but girls take it way deeper :) Which I love about them. Anyway just be equally flirty and enjoy it. See how things go! Good Luck! :)
Answered Oct 01, 2012
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how do you tell people that your bi? because I have this problem... and I dont know anyone at my school that is too :( help ?? no one knows that im bi though hahah , im too scared to tell anyone cos im scared that they wont like me anymore :( pleseeee help ! btw im 14 so dont say im too young hahaha
^Same here. Except I'm 12. Lol (no judging plz. Thx:)....)
It definetely seems like she is interested!! I am saying right now go for it! dont let an opportunity like this get away from you. Trust me too many of those have passed by for me because I was too nervous or confused. Text with her, talk to her, sit with her during lunch, hang out after class, send her goodnight/ good morning texts, but dont get too crazy keep it suttle :) hope it helps!
Answered Oct 03, 2012
And right now. Its starting over again with a differnt person hope I helpedI think u shold take it slow and make it seem like u are not intrested not too much of it but be looking at her from a lil far let her know u were staring and anytime and maybe once in a while make it look like ur havin sex do it with ur mind and bodymake her want u always look ur best not too much make up she will think u are a wierdo that all I did and now when am alone with noone in sight she wants to make out sqeeze my boobs or grab my ass I diddnt know I had that much efect on her and one day suprisinly she pushed me against the wall and we made out like they do in the movies anyway I think am bi but am. Uncertain if u think thats a story listen to this she recently told me she wanted to have sex with and I n my head I was like whaaaaaaaaaaat but now its off cause I had a dream she was pregnant and it was mine about 2 seconds I woke up with a shock and gasped
Answered Jan 22, 2013
Well mine is different mine is my bestfriend and we have been bestys since 3rd grade and we got in a huge fight and I told her I was bi and she was okay with it but then she told her boyfriend and her other bestfriend and I got mad but they were all okay with it. But one day her other best friend seen a note I gave her and thought I went toooooo far and told the teacher, I was fearious any ways I told the girl I liked that I couldn't be friends since I got in sooooo much trouble since I was bi I thought my life was over since all my teachers knew and I was all sad but she wasn't bi. So 3 months later she sent me a note and said she was sorry
Anyways thanks for lisening
Answered Mar 11, 2013
i'm a girl ,need a girl girl friend
Answered Apr 13, 2013
Hey x
where do you live cos im in the same situation <3 xx
I'm a lesbian myself, and I know what you're going through. I have only dated one girl so far but I've recently started again. The first girl I met when I was nine, we were having a sleepover and we kissed in our sleep, it was magical and we knew truly loved each other. We dated until we were both sixteen and she moved, it was sad to see her go! Now I am eighteen and this is how I approached her: It was the first day of senior year and I was looking for another girl to date, then I see this beautiful girl and I walked over to her and asked her if we could be friends and she said sure. Soon enough we became best friends and I told her I was a lesbian, she told me that before junior year she was one too. We started dating and now we are having a sexually happy life. Hope that helped! Ciao XO
Answered Jul 01, 2013
your lucky Q.Q I want a girlfriend a sexually happy life ›_‹
GET her girl I lost my and I want to die
Answered Jul 04, 2013
jayplay Jul 04, 2013
LUCKY D: My crush is confused af :/ And I tried to give her some time to think about it but im so impatient :/ But a few weeks ago she rejected me and said that she wanted to be friends but lately we've been gettin real close and she gives me these looks and the cutest smile ever and im just so confused :(
Answered Sep 11, 2013
Me too
I do believe shes interested in you, and I suggest you go for it!

Good Luck
Answered Jan 20, 2014
Just ask her out on a date or something and if she says yes then that means that she is totally interested then after that take her home and hit that but you have to tell me how the fuck went!!! Because I'm bi too and I like this girl to and I felt the same way you do but just like I said I took her home and I hit that!!!
Answered Mar 26, 2014
Edited Mar 26, 2014
All of you are shit and I am straight.
Answered Jun 05, 2015
Yeah man she's into you. Do it up. Don't come on too strong but let her know what up and that your feeling her ;) if she's down shell get all shy and flirty styll. If she acts ahkward well then you know hun. +From experience
Answered Jun 07, 2015
Step one: Fuck me In the ass cause I love jesus!!!!
yeah I am a girl too..
Step two: The good lord would want it that way!
Step three: Spread my cheeks apart and shove something deep inside
Answered Jun 07, 2015
Loll Rina <3

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