Me and my daughter are getting bitten!

Me & my daughter live in a clean and tidy house.
But we keep being bitten by something whilst asleep in our room!
Mine have bin very painfull and swollen up very badly but my daughter
Hasnt seemed bothered. We do live with my sister who's room is a pig sty! But we dont go in there. What could it be that's biting us? And how could we prevent it?
Thanks x
Asked Oct 01, 2012
You prob have bed bugs hiding in your wall that sneak out every time you sleep
Assuming the windows have secure screens and it's while you're asleep, it's likely bedbugs. Take everything off the bed and wash it in warm soapy water.

If there are pets around, it could be fleas also but they will be everywhere, not just in the bed.
Answered Oct 01, 2012
Hey.. I wash all bed sheets every 2 days on 60 in the washing machine and also have no pets...? Could it still be bed bugs past on throught my sister whilst around
The house in the day? And if so how come she's not bitten? Thanks x
I doubt your sister is carrying them if she isn't being bitten. Is it possible they could be in the mattress or pillows? They are very small and live on the blood they collect when they bite. If they only bite when you're in bed, it has to be something you're coming in contact with in the bed or a flying insect. A flying insect will bite you in an uncovered area, fleas like to get into tight areas like under elastic waistbands and socks but bedbugs can bite you anywhere.

Some info:
Rob Oct 01, 2012
Okay didnt no if they where like nits that seem to start in dirty hair then move on to clean hair (just with bed bugs and beds insted) and nope im a bit of a clean freak :/ everythings stream cleaned evey couple of days.
Thank yu so much for yur help. X
I don't know much about bugs and whatnot, but I remember that going on back in Vietnam. We had loads of bugs and mosquitoes biting or flying around at night. What we did, was we bought nets to surround our sleeping area. The nets were small enough to the point where bugs and all that stuff can't get in. We put up nets around everybody every night and it seemed to help. Check around your house as well. You might have some nest of bugs that come out at night. I hope this helped.
Answered Oct 01, 2012
Yay! Nice to see you again. :-)
Haha, nice to see all of you as well. It put a big smile on my face to see that you and Rob are still on this site being awesome helpful people (:
Welcome home Bro! You were missed.
Rob Oct 02, 2012
Thanks! Been out for a while, but i'm back now (:
Thanks. :-) Glad you're back.
Everyday I spray lavender water on our bedsheets because the smell is heavenly and calming, and it helps my husband wind down before sleeping. My daughter just told me that it has repellent qualities. I looked it up, and sure enough, it repels bed bugs.

A few years ago my husband told me that one thing you can do to avoid bedbugs is air out the bed on a regular basis. That was ALL I needed to hear to stop making the bed and leave the sheets pulled back during the day. We make our bed when we're about to get into it, and we keep our dogs out of our room. Keeping them from sleeping with our son is a losing battle...
Answered Oct 03, 2012
Edited Oct 03, 2012
If they have dogs,cats, or any animal then it may be fleas. If they don't have pets at all then it might be a different insect like a spider. I would call an exterminator just in case so u can find out what this mean insect is and they can get rid of it forever!

Answered Jun 01, 2013

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