Does anyone know the name of this teen book?

i read a book about 3 years ago, a teen fiction book set in the US mainly at a beach. its about a young girl who is popular, and falls and breaks her leg/arm(?) on some rocks. another less popular girl saves her from drowning, so they become friends. this girl is weird and her parents are really strict and rich. the rich girl convinces the popular girl to do things like shoplift in department stores, and the popular girl helps the rich girl to like cool things, like the band "THE SPIN DOCTORS". at the end, the rich girl ends up committing suicide but leaves the popular girl a locket on the bedside table in her hospital room. does anyone know the name or author of this book? I really would like to know. The front cover had a picture of a young girl with blonde hair smiling on it, and it was really thin maybe only 150 pages. the popular girl also had an older brother who the rich girl had a crush on. please help me!
Asked Sep 28, 2012
i dont know, but it sounds like a really good book
Answered Jun 08, 2013

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